Google Chrome: Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome has seen extensive growth in the mere two years it has been around and has quickly become the preferred browser of many. Google Chrome is fast, usually the fastest of all browsers, and features a browser process isolation model than ensures that one websites crashing doesn't bring down the browser. It has the smallest UI footprint of all browsers, and has, from quite a while now, supported browser extensions as well.
Google Chrome comes in four different channels, a stable channel for the general public, a beta channel for those who want the latest features but still want a relatively stable browser, a dev channel that brings the latest features each week, and finally the canary build that can update more than once a week.
Google Chrome is famous for releasing "major" versions much faster. For quite a while Google released a new version of Google Chrome every three months, however since the last two versions they have pushed this up to a new major build every 6 weeks. Google Chrome is already at version 10 in its beta flavour.
The browser is mostly open source, however it includes some closed components in the version that you can download from Google. For those looking for a fully open source version, there is Chromium, which is a build made from only the open source bits of Google Chrome.


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