HTC wildfire

HTC wildfire is a very small phone having length of 101.3mm only. This is a touch screen based mobile. Even though it is a small phone of very small length, its screen size is not so small. In the main panel of this phone there is 3.2 inch gorilla glass capacitive screen which is very effective in use. As a whole the complete body of this phone is made up of qualitative plastic. Uppermost panel of this phone is made up of glittered plastics while the bottom panel is made up of rubber.

Menu, home, back search are in the lowermost part of this phone while the Micro SD card slot is given lower to that of battery. However there is no need to remove the battery while inserting and removing the battery.

HTC wildfire is similar in use to that of other HTC’s. In the home screen one can keep the shortcuts or widgets and can bring the changes according to ones wish too. Also you can keep the home menu into the list or grid.

Now talking about its application there are lots of s.n.s applications. There are facebook apes where one can update status or pictures and there are lots of features related it too. There is also the gesture control in this phone while turning the phone only leads to stop the ring. There is also a good facility of messaging and emails.

Even though there is flash spot with the browser you cannot play the youtube. For the connectivity this phone consists of Wi-Fi and 3g also. GPS is given along with the Google maps. There are lots of features including camera which makes this phone more wonderful in use. Its picture quality can’t be said the best.

The sound quality of this phone is very good and contains music player and fm. And the battery backup depends upon the statement of the company.

The price of HTC Wildfire is 13,800 (IC).

Its features:

Weight: 105 gm

Shape: 101.3*59.4*


SCREEN: 262144, Coloured




G.P.R.S/ 3G: Yes/Yes

CAMERA: 5.0 megapixels


OTHERS: Microsoft Exchange Report, S.N.S integration etc.


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