Modified Zippo Lighter comes with a hidden Gun

Zippo lighters are popular around the world, but nowadays, Zippo lighters can do more than lighting up your cigars, they can actually fire real bullets.

This is an unusual Zippo lighter, and it’s probably one of the kind, since it is coming with concealed gun. How did the creator of this modified lighter managed to put a miniature gun barrel in it, we don’t know, but we know that this is one dangerous lighter. This lighter can fire 6mm bullets out of its barrel, but unlike the traditional guns, this hidden gun doesn’t come with a standard trigger. In order to fire from it, you just need to roll the flint striking wheel and you’ll fire a bullet from a hidden barrel. In addition, this gun comes with Ronson flint dispenser that can hold more bullets, so we have to admit that this is one dangerous hidden gun.


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