Download Youtube Videos without any Software in any Format

I often see here and there, people downloading uncessary software to download youtube videos. If you know this simple trick, you can download any youtube videos without any software in any format you choose.

To download any youtube video without software in any format, you just need to add "kick" before "youtube" in the url. See the image below.

Now you can simply save the youtube video in any format you choose. The supported formats are FLV, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, IPHONE, PSP, MP3, OGG and GIF. Just choose the format you like and save it.

Only MP3

To download youtube videos only in mp3 format, just type "listento" in front of "". So, your url will look something like "". Thats it. Your video will be recorded in mp3 format with the quality you specify.


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